Friday, October 7, 2022
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18 minutes of New Tales from the Borderlands!

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A 18-minute demo of the game.

Gearbox Software presented the first comprehensive gameplay video for New Tales From the Borderlands at PAX West.

Borderlands-themed game. Gearbox is still devoted to Telltale’s narrative-focused aesthetic, but the relaunch will feature some surprises.

Gearbox and former Telltale Games employees who collaborated on the original Tales From the Borderlands are making a sequel.

Following the conclusion of the events that took place in Borderlands 3, a whole new cast of characters will set off on an exciting new journey in New Tales From the Borderlands.

During the gameplay session at PAX West, a wide variety of gameplay pillars from the world of video games were shown.

It is still up to the player to decide where the story goes from here, and the choices they make might have far-reaching implications.

There will be dialogues and quick-time events, with the latter potentially resulting in irreparable failure depending on player decisions during the former.

In addition to Quick Time Events (QTE) and branching tales, Gearbox has introduced numerous more novel gameplay mechanics in New Tales.

Vaultlanders, a new collectibles-based minigame, centered on figure combat and traditional stealth sequences.


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