Friday, October 7, 2022
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A California ex-principal gets charged after a video shows him beating a special needs student.

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An ex-principal in California is facing charges after a video surfaced showing him physically abusing a kid with special needs.

A video showing the former head of an elementary school in Central California shoving a youngster to the ground is being investigated for child abuse.

According to reports, former Wolters Elementary School administrator Brian Vollhardt was captured on film shoving a pupil in the chest on June 7 in Fresno, California.

According to the Fresno Unified School District’s assessment, Mr. Vollhardt “aggressively threw the child down” rather than “de-escalating the issue” Other employees were involved.

Following the implementation of disciplinary measures by the school system, Vollhardt resigned from his position and is no longer employed there.

In reaction to the actions of Mr. Vollhardt, the Superintendent of the Fresno Unified School District, Bob Nelson,

Referred to them as “repugnant” and said that they were “absolutely not acceptable at any level inside Fresno Unified.”

Both the local police and the Child Protective Services have been notified about the incident by the school system.

According to Fresno Police Chief Paco Balderrama, the occurrence was reported to the police on June 9, but the chief did not become aware of it until September 6.


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