Friday, October 7, 2022
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A Chicago lady was shot during an argument on a train.

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A female passenger was shot when she was a passenger on a train in Chicago because of an altercation.

According to the Chicago Police Department, a woman was shot on a CTA Red Line train early on Saturday morning.

Police said the shooting happened amid a verbal dispute at roughly 12:09 a.m. on Saturday near the 100 Block of N. State St.

A 30-year-old lady was discovered with a single gunshot wound to the leg, and the police claim they have no leads on the suspect.

The victim was unable to give authorities any other information, and no suspects have been detained.

Aboard August 6, at the 79th Street Red Line station, a man, age 29, was fatally shot on a Red Line train on the city’s South Side, prompting an increase in security.

CTA president Dorval Carter stated following the Aug. 6 incident that canine units would be coming back on the trains as part of an unarmed security team, according to FOX 32.

Superintendent David Brown of the Chicago Police Department has stated that there will be more CPD police present on trains throughout the CTA.


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