Friday, August 12, 2022
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A Corvair off-road saves a Humvee.

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An off-road Chevy Corvair saves a broken-down Humvee.

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Hummer is recognized for its military Humvee and their upcoming, blisteringly fast EV. Since civilian ownership, it’s been a monster off-roader.

Even legends have terrible days, as this cruel machine broke down and needed an unexpected savior.

“Unexpected is the 4-ton Corvair Wagon.”

Unexpected only applies before you read about the Chevrolet Corvair Wagon that towed the 4-ton beast.

This 1961 Corvair off-roader is powered by an L59, 5.3L LS V-8 with a late 80s Turbo 400 transmission. The axles are from a 1990 Dodge diesel pickup and contain a Detroit-style locker and a Spicer limited-slip diff.

Homemade semi-triangulated linkages give the large Milestar Patagonia tires a foot of travel.

This monster’s strengthened chassis and XJ Cherokee interior raise its curb weight to 5,460 pounds (2,477 kilograms).

Matt’s Off-Road Recovery invented it. Utah rescue specialists built this vehicle to replace their modified Jeep Cherokee rescue truck.

What a feat! The heroes of today’s tale were called to rescue a Hummer H1 when its transmission broke while going down a rock ledge.

They had to tow almost 8,000 pounds of steel over rocky terrain while avoiding obstructions. One of these impediments caused one of Humvee’s tires to pop off the wheel.

After fixing the problem, the procedure continued slowly but well, and the Humvee was securely removed. The owner has a good story, but we doubt he’ll repeat it to his buddies soon.


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