Friday, October 7, 2022
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A dairy-allergic lady died after eating a Pret “vegan” wrap.

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Celia Marsh died in 2017 after eating a super-veg rainbow flatbread despite having a severe dairy allergy.

An inquiry discovered that a woman who had a severe allergy passed away after eating a wrap from Pret a Manger that was advertised as vegan but really contained dairy protein.

Mum-of-five Celia Marsh lost consciousness when she was out shopping with her husband and their three children.

At Mrs. Marsh’s inquest, a paramedic testified she was stomped while waiting for medical help in Bath.

They discovered her dead shortly after she had had a rainbow flatbread that was cooked from just the healthiest veggies.

The defendant’s spouse told the judge: “She became sick after eating the wrap. I believed she was silly since the sandwich was labeled vegan.”

After Christmas of 2017, Mrs. Marsh took her family on a shopping trip to Bath, England, where she bought the wrap as a souvenir for their trip.

According to inquest testimony, the dental nurse “religiously avoided” dairy products after experiencing a severe allergic reaction to them a few months before.

Mrs. Marsh, age 42, from Melksham, Wiltshire, began experiencing difficulty breathing as soon as she ate the yoghurt-filled flatbread. Mrs. Marsh lives in Wiltshire.

At the inquest, it was revealed that the so-called vegan yoghurt really included trace levels of dairy protein, in spite of the manufacturer’s assertions to the contrary.


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