Friday, October 7, 2022
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A Dublin girl sacrificed herself to save her twin brothers during a machete attack.

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Lisa Cash, 18, and her 8-year-old twin sisters were slain in their own home on Sunday.

During the machete attack that took place in Dublin, a sister who was looking after her younger siblings made the ultimate sacrifice in an effort to protect them.

Christy and Chelsea Cawley, all eight years old, along with their elder sister Lisa Cash, who is 18 years old,

Were all found dead in the Cawley family home early on the morning of September 4th, as reported by Birmingham Live.

The victims’ mother and brother, who is 14 years old, were both injured in the event, with the mother being discharged from the hospital later that day.

Andy Cash, 24, was charged with murdering his two younger brothers and sister at a late-night hearing in Dublin’s Central Criminal Court yesterday (September 6).

Kevin Shortall, the principal of St. Aidan’s Community School, said she was a nice youngster who worked carefully and carefully. continued working without pausing


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