Friday, October 7, 2022
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A power line collapses on the Green Line, creating sparks, smoke, and loud booms.

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A section of the Green Line is briefly closed as a power line falls on top of the train, causing sparks, smoke, and loud bangs.

An MBTA overhead cable fell into a train Sunday, creating flames and booms. This incident closed part of the Green Line and evacuated Park Street station.

The underground station was filled with smoke, and witnesses reported hearing tremendous booms and sparkles falling from the sky.

While Ian Mallory was waiting on the platform, he heard a huge explosion and looked up. He saw something in the sky.

The passenger said that sparks began to fly out of the top of the train, and it seemed as if the power wires were rupturing or something.

Mallory was concerned about the effects of the smog. As he was walking away, he heard what he described as “big, booming booms” behind him.

After what sounded like at least seven enormous explosions, the top of the locomotive suddenly exploded, sending a shower of yellow sparks down into the platform below.

According to the testimonies of a couple of the passengers, at first they mistook the explosions for rounds fired from a rifle.

Olga Garcia Swan, a resident of Dallas who now works on the Red Line at Park Street, was vacationing in Boston and taking in the sights.

She said that as the train came to a halt, everyone hid and laid down on the floor, and then she was taken out of the car and brought up a set of stairs.

Alex Ciesielski, a local of Cambridge, was one among the passengers on the Red Line train that came to a stop.

“You’re ignorant. The reliability of public transit cannot be guaranteed.” He said. Too many stories to count, as the saying goes.

Shuttle buses were used in place of the regular bus service between Kenmore and Government Center for the balance of the day and into the evening.

The service had been discontinued earlier in the day. According to a representative for the MBTA, nobody was wounded in the incident.


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