Friday, October 7, 2022
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After a squirrel entered a substation in Virginia, almost 10,000 customers lost power.

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A squirrel that entered a substation in Virginia Beach last week caused a power outage in the neighborhood.

According to a tweet sent by a business spokesperson named Bonita Harris on September 7, about 8:45 in the morning,

There was a power outage caused by Dominion Energy. This outage affected areas of Virginia as well as other states.

According to Harris, the outage affected almost 10,000 residents in Virginia. The power came back on sometime about ten in the morning.

According to Harris, “standard equipment” was already in place at Dominion Energy to protect animals from electrical cables.

“Determined little creatures” have been known to still get past, despite the fact that this technology has significantly decreased the number of incidents.

According to Harris, the squirrel died despite the knowledge that certain animals may withstand short electric shocks without long-term effects.

Harris claims that the team moved quickly to transition to a different power source in order to keep the lights on for the greatest number of customers feasible.


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