Friday, October 7, 2022
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Air France banned several pilots after a midair dispute.

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The June incident between two pilots on a Geneva-Paris aircraft grounded both.

Following an event that occurred on board, two pilots were taken off active duty by one of the most important airlines in the world.

The two Air France pilots were subject to disciplinary action after a reported altercation that occurred in the cockpit while they were on route to Paris.

This occurred in June on a journey from Geneva to Paris, and it was handled with in a prompt manner upon arrival.

According to accounts from the local media, the captain of the Airbus A320 and the copilot got into a physical altercation with one another.

In June, as the jet ascended to cruising altitude, the dispute on board developed swiftly and turned violent.

Witnesses said the two men grabbed each other by the collars and smacked or slapped each other before the rest of the team became worried.

The story told by one of the pilots describes how things started to boil up when one of the passengers struck another passenger by mistake.

It was a smack from the other pilot’s viewpoint. One pilot claimed the other hit him in the face with wood.


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