Friday, October 7, 2022
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Anne Heche is “legally dead,” yet she is being kept alive so that an organ donor might be located.

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Description:Anne Heche’s spokesperson has confirmed that the actress is still being kept alive in the hopes of finding a suitable organ donor match.

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Due to her vehicle accident on Friday and “severe anoxic brain damage,” California law deems her “legally dead.”

The 53-year-old man was sent to the hospital for treatment after the incident that occurred in the Mar Vista district of Los Angeles.

Anne’s heart is still pumping, and she hasn’t been taken off life support for One Legacy, her spokesman told PA.

Which is a national organ recovery organization, to determine if she is a match for organ donation and whether or not she should be taken off life support.

The spokesman said that although though Anne is considered to be dead in the eyes of the law in California, her heart is still pumping.

After hearing Heche’s recent medical news, a note wrote, “Today we lost a sparkling light, a wonderful and joyful person, a loving mother, and a trustworthy friend.”

Anne will be greatly missed, but her legacy will live on through her children, her groundbreaking work, and the issues she campaigned for.

The bravery she shown in telling her truth and spreading her message of love and acceptance has already made an impact and will continue to have one in the future.

Her relatives said that it “had always been her intention to contribute her organs” before she passed away.

Before this news was released, the LAPD told PA they were considering the crash a criminal DUI. Before the report was released, this was admitted.

An LAPD spokesperson said that preliminary blood tests indicated the presence of drugs in Heche’s system; however,

More testing was required to rule out the possibility that Heche had taken any prescriptions that were provided by the hospital.


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