Friday, October 7, 2022
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Cannon Dancer is the Switch’s Strider spiritual successor.

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This emancipation will be bodily.

We just learned that Cannon Dancer, the unauthorized sequel to Capcom’s Strider, will be coming to the Nintendo Switch.

We decided to keep our happiness to ourselves since there had been neither an official declaration nor Western confirmation of the news.

Finally, the packing is gone! Cannon Dancer’s new trailer, 2023 release date, and restricted physical distribution will delight fans.

In Cannon Dancer’s debut console teaser, you may climb, kick, punch, and fire through a vintage dystopian future.

Jump-and-run action games were popular in the 1990s, but a paucity of machines and the emergence of home video games cut short their tenure in arcades.

Kouichi ‘Isuke’ Yotsui, famed for Strider, designed the game with Takashi Kogure. Despite a limited arcade career, the game is popular.

The revised version of Cannon Dancer that will be released on the Switch in the early part of 2023 will be many of our first opportunities to play the game.

New version asserts to be the real article, including updated translations as well as improvements to the aesthetics and a rewind button, among other things.


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