Friday, October 7, 2022
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Christine McGuinness reveals how she feels after Paddy’s split.

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The model hasn’t had her “happy ending.”

Christine McGuinness confirmed this in an open and honest question and answer session with her fans. Last month,

The model and former Real Housewives of Cheshire cast member said she and Paddy McGuinness had separated after 11 years.

The two of them met for the first time while working on the set of “The Real Housewives of Cheshire.”

After the breakup, photographs were taken of Christine in Cheshire with the wedding band she wore on her right ring finger.

He spent his 49th birthday at The Ivy in Manchester, wearing his wedding band on the left hand. Manchester’s Ivy.

A joint statement was issued by Christine and Paddy a month ago in which they announced their decision to end their marriage.

“We hadn’t meant to share anything publicly until we were ready, but considering the lack of privacy surrounding our personal lives, we felt compelled to explain.”

Even though we ended our relationship, our love and concern for our children has not diminished through the years.


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