Friday, October 7, 2022
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Cruise recalled its robotaxis after a passenger was injured.

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Cruise, a GM-owned robotaxi company, became the first to recall its vehicles this week after a June crash that caused “serious” damage and minor passenger injuries.

Cruise robotaxi stopped at the junction while attempting to turn left because it anticipated an incoming car to turn left in front of it, causing an accident.

The incoming car continued driving and hit Cruise. The San Francisco Police Department and the NHTSA have opened investigations.

The incoming car was going “about 40 mph” in a 25 mph zone when it entered the right turn lane and continued onward, according to Cruise.

Cruise, for its part, conceded in the document it sent about the recall that the robotaxi it had designed was not “sufficiently reactive.”

The representative for Cruise, Hannah Lindow, said that the business would not disclose film of the accident or comment on what the vehicle may have done differently.

Cruise explained the recall by saying it was done “in the interest of transparency to the public” in a statement that the company made.

In a recall document, Cruise stated a software upgrade will enhance the robotaxi’s capacity to anticipate other cars’ motions, even in similar conditions.

Cruise’s long-term rival, Tesla, has been criticized for not issuing recalls following recent software changes, whereas Cruise’s shorter-term opponent did.

In the beginning of this year, Tesla issued a total of four recalls over a span of twelve days, and the NHTSA has recently been more cautious about recalls.


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