Friday, October 7, 2022
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Danish Foreign Minister visits Latvia.

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LETA reports that Danish Foreign Minister Jeppe Kofod will visit Latvia on September 8.

There will be a meeting between the representatives of the two nations in order to discuss their bilateral connections,

As well as regional cooperation, security, and other international concerns. In addition to the Minister, there will be a member of the Danish Parliament present.

The Danish Foreign Minister and a member of parliament will visit Adai Military Base to meet with Latvian parliamentarians and NATO officials.

The Ministers will inaugurate the outdoor piece “Brothers and Sisters” by Danish photographer Martin Thaulow outside the Riga Congress Hall.

Following the conclusion of the discussion they are now having, Foreign Ministers Rinkevics and Kofod will attend a press conference together at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The live online broadcast of the press conference will be made available through the Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube pages of the Latvian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


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