Friday, October 7, 2022
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Despite a court injunction, transgender individuals may get birth certificates in Montana.

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Judge Michael Moses admonished Billings prosecutors for ignoring his April judgment to temporarily prohibit a 2021 Montana legislation that made it harder to change birth certificates.

Montana announced Thursday it would reject a judge’s judgment to restrict transgender people from changing their birth certificate. Transgender people couldn’t change their gender.

Judge Michael Moses chastised Billings state lawyers for disobeying his April judgment to temporarily block a 2021 Montana legislation that made altering birth certificates harder.

Moses said unequivocally that the new legislation constituted an open and flagrant challenge to his earlier direction that was issued by state officials.

Moses states that because of his judgement, a 2017 regulation that permitted people to change their birth certificate gender by submitting an affidavit has been restored.

On the other side, the state has made it clear that it will not comply with the decision that was handed down by the court.

The Department of Transportation gave the judge’s ambiguous ruling from April 2022 great consideration before basing its final rule on that evaluation.

Unhappily, the judge’s decision from today does not correspond with the unclear judgment he handed out back in April.

The 2022 final rule announced by HHS on September 9 is still in place, and Secretary Charlie Brereton said HHS is reviewing its next moves.


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