Friday, October 7, 2022
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Dollars have risen. Swiss franc fell 1.5% and Japanese yen fell 7.1%.

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Sky-watch! A $170,000 airplane-like car can take flight.

Samson Switchblade will be allowed to undergo flight testing after receiving clearance from the Federal Aviation Administration.

The Switchblade has been under development for 14 years, and final high-speed taxi tests are being conducted before flight testing.

According to Samson Sky, which has its headquarters in Redmond, Oregon, 2,100 buyers have already booked DIY kits.

The Switchblade Kit includes everything from the engine to the gearbox to the avionics to the cabin to the Samson Builder Assist Program.

You load your garage and travel to the nearest airport. The wings and tail will develop in less than three minutes.

Once you have arrived at your destination, you can quickly return your flying sports car to its normal driving mode by stowing the wings and the tail.

Before carrying out the high-speed taxi testing, the vehicle’s wings were removed in order to rule out the prospect of the vehicle taking flight.


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