Friday, October 7, 2022
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Due to the improved economic and working conditions in other countries, several Irish doctors practicing overseas have said that they will not be returning home.

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Description:According to the Medical Council, physicians are leaving the nation in quest of a better work-life balance.

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The Medical Council of Ireland warned that working conditions and pay in foreign nations are luring away Irish physicians.

Dr. Suzanne Crowe, who serves as the head of the council, was quoted as saying that in previous decades,

Irish medical practitioners would get experience in foreign nations first before coming back to practice medicine in Ireland.

She continued by saying that they are now coming to the conclusion that living overseas is simply too amazing, which makes the prospect of returning seem less tempting.

In addition to this, she discussed the “demoralizing” effect that late payments had on professionals.

The Health Service Executive has sent an apology to a number of medical residents for the payroll difficulties that have led them to be paid later than expected.

The results of a study that was carried out by the Irish Medical Organization revealed the following: (IMO),

Non-consultant hospital doctors around the country were not compensated properly after training at other institutions.


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