Friday, October 7, 2022
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EOS and CEL are rising while Bitcoin and Ethereum range-bound.

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One bitcoin is worth over US$20,000.

Bitcoin stayed under $20,500. Despite Bitcoin’s slide below $20,000, buyers were over $19,500. USD 20,160 at 03:50 UTC, up 1% in a day but down 7% in a week.

Most large altcoins have similar issues. If ETH prices close over $1,600, positive pressure may build.

At 0.335 USD, XRP is seeing some kind of resistance. Following its recent success in reaching USD 0.45, ADA is now consolidating its position.

After USD 20,500, bitcoin fell. Bitcoin dropped below $20,000 after a year. The market didn’t crash since 19,500 USD supplied support.

The market was able to push beyond USD 20,100 and is now testing the level of resistance that is located close to USD 20,220.

If the price is able to break over the key resistance level, which is now located around 20,500 USD, it may indicate the beginning of a more strong price ascent.

A first level of support is around USD 19,750, the price at which the market collapsed. If the price goes below US$19,500, it may continue falling.

As with Bitcoin, Ethereum’s price failed to gain momentum over 1,620 US Dollars and plummeted below 1,550 US Dollars.

Above $1.500, buying pressure emerged. At $1,600, the price must overcome many resistance levels to rise.

ETH increased in value by 3% each day and 6% each week. Support must be provided between $1,600 and $1,620 for there to be a sustained rise in price.


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