Saturday, August 13, 2022
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Fans want two ex-Love Island contestants to reconnect.

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‘CUTE PAIR’ When two previous contestants on Love Island meet again after the show, their fans want them to be back together.

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LOVE Island viewers have shown an overwhelming desire for Antigoni Buxton and Jacques O’Neill to have a relationship.

The two got back together outside the villa and took their respective mothers, Tonia and Janet, out for brunch in London.

Antigoni posted a picture of herself on Instagram with the caption, “Made a true one for life — brought our Mamas for breakfast.” She looked very lovely in a blue co-ord outfit.


Antigoni’s response after Jacques referred to her as “my bestie” was “ily,” which is short for “I love you.” Jacques dubbed her “my bestie.”

Fans have the opinion that they would form an adorable pair. One begged: “Please get together.”

A third person commented, saying, “You guys look lovely together .”

The 23-year-old rugby player Jacques exited the program last week because he was finding it difficult to cope.

Fans were moved to tears by his heartfelt farewell to his girlfriend, Welsh paramedic Paige Thorne, who is 24 years old.

In an interview with the Sun, he stated that he was afraid he would assault the bombshell, Adam Collard, after the stunning entrance of the latter.

He said, “I feared that if I don’t remove myself from this situation, things may go wrong, and I could become violent.”

And he added, “Appearing on Love Island was the worst decision I’ve ever made in my entire life.” I was on the edge of sobbing my eyes out.


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