Friday, October 7, 2022
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Five persons were shot in Charleston, South Carolina.

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Two arrests have been made, according to police.

According to the Charleston Police Department, five people were shot Sunday in the city’s core business area.

Five persons sustained injuries as a result of the incident and were taken to nearby hospitals to be treated for wounds that were not regarded to be life-threatening.

The occurrence that included the shooting occurred at around 12:55 in the morning. according to the Charleston police, between King Street and Morris Street

Both Trayvon Davis, age 20, and a male suspect of the same age who will remain unnamed have been apprehended by law enforcement personnel in connection with the incident.

Unidentified man suspect. First is Trayvon Davis. Police said both individuals are in custody for unlawful gun possession.

According to the Charleston Police Department, it was discovered that a sixth person, who had initially been presumed to have been wounded by bullets,

Had actually been injured when they fell to the ground. This was discovered after it had been presumed that the individual had been injured by bullets.


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