Friday, October 7, 2022
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Former footballer-turned-drug gang accountant sobs in jail.

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Faye Dunn went to drugs when the pandemic wrecked her firm.

As she was being carried away to jail, a woman who had been successful in business before she became the accountant for a drug cartel screamed, “I can’t believe it.”

Former footballer Faye Dunn was arrested at an airport for trafficking millions of pounds of cannabis.

The Liverpool Echo claimed that the mother turned to crime when the Covid-19 pandemic destroyed her company.

The Liverpool Crown Court heard on September 6 that the 38-year-old lady and her father, Michael Dunn, used EncroChat to communicate.

In the year 2020, law enforcement officials infiltrated the system and discovered that the daughter had been pretending to be StiffNinja.

Her dad’s prison nickname was ZincBat. Texts revealed Faye Dunn’s “involvement in the supply and manufacture of cannabis” She was in contact with LedZeppelin.

When a mother of two was caught moving stolen money across international boundaries, she was called a “OCA accountant.”

She played an operational role within the drugs supply chain, but it appeared that she had significant influence upon others in the chain.

She was in charge of coordinating meetings for the distribution of drugs and gave orders to others to collect and move narcotics and cash.

The prosecutor Nicola Daley said, “She played an operational role within the drugs supply chain, but appeared to have significant influence upon others in the chain.”


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