Friday, October 7, 2022
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Go-Ahead bus service threatened by ‘cyber security concern’

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Go-Ahead, London’s biggest bus operator, says rail services are untouched by a cyberattack.

Go-Ahead, London’s largest bus operator, may experience operating difficulties due to a “cyber security threat.”

According to reports, the accused hackers focused their attention on driver and bus rosters on Monday.

In addition, any interruptions to services will be communicated on the relevant Twitter account, according to a spokesman for the company.

According to Go-Ahead, a significant player in other areas like Brighton and Newcastle, the event was still going on at the time that the report was made.

Go-Ahead is “fixing a cyber security concern” after finding “unauthorized activity on its network” on September 5, 2022. Go-Ahead said it.

Go-Ahead promptly enlisted external forensic specialists and took precautionary precautions with its IT infrastructure after learning of the incident.

Meanwhile, the company is continuing to investigate the nature and scope of the problem and is putting its incident response protocols into action.

Go-Ahead will continue to study the event’s possible implications, however there has been no impact on rail service globally or in the UK.


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