Friday, October 7, 2022
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Google loses its appeal of the EU antitrust verdict and must pay $4.12 billion.

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EU courts sued Google in 2015 for Android’s anti-competitiveness.

Alphabet, the parent company of Google, had an antitrust ruling against it that was upheld by the EU’s General Court on Wednesday.

However, the court reduced the accompanying penalty from 4.34 billion euros to 4.125 billion euros, which is equivalent to $4.12 billion.

Since 2015, claims have surfaced that Google’s Android OS limits competition. These claims prompted EU courts to sue Google (EU).

The court’s finding “validates the European Commission’s view that Google improperly limited Android device makers and mobile network carriers”

In a statement, Google expressed their displeasure with the decision of the court to not overturn the sentence in its entirety.

Android hasn’t reduced customer options; it’s used by thousands of successful companies in Europe and throughout the globe.

The European Commission imposed fines on Google in 2018 that were among the company’s most severe in its entire history.

Analysis indicated Google’s goods, notably Chrome and Search, were given an unfair advantage by being pre-installed on smartphones together with Google Play.

Google argues Android is competitive with iOS and customers may select their phone maker, mobile network provider, and software ecosystem, including uninstalling Google’s apps.

Additionally, Google asserts that its Android mobile operating system is superior to Microsoft’s Windows Phone, which is currently the dominant mobile operating system.


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