Saturday, August 13, 2022
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Honda City Type R is GR Yaris’ digital fix

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5-Door Honda City Type R Hot Hatch Is Digital Fix for 3-Door GR Yaris

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Given its 11th-generation Civic ties, the Type R has pixel masters dreaming of two-door Coupe variations.

These may remind Honda of the prior sporty body style and Acura that this should have been Integra’s future. Others diverge.

“Throttle predicts Honda will beat Toyota.”

Throttle, a social media virtual artist, thinks Honda will fight with Toyota’s tiny hoot, which has won over hot hatchback fans. Toyota GR Yaris is cramped.

The CGI expert used the latest making-of footage to envisage the Honda City Type R. The City began as a three-door hatchback and two-door convertible for the JDM, Euro, and Australasian markets in 1981.

Its initial body shapes have evolved into standard subcompact four-door sedans for developing regions. In several areas, it has replaced the Fit/Jazz brand with a five-door hatchback.


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