Friday, October 7, 2022
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Impact’s new tag-team champs.

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Honor No More has talked a great game since joining Impact, but they haven’t made any substantial progress since they lack the standing.

Maria Kanellis, OGK’s manager, missed the fight. Anderson couldn’t see the match since she had to beat Bennett the week before.

Anderson and Bennett walked in a circle around each other before engaging in a fistfight as soon as the beginning bell rang.

Not only Gallows and Taven were thrilled. OGK was more subtle than the Good Brothers. Tag team wrestling dominated.

As the clock ticked down, the Good Brothers set themselves up in a position to deliver a Magic Killer to Taven. Bennett was able to prevent the goal with a diving save.

After it, there was instability. The springboard kick that Taven delivered at Gallows landed with all of its intended power.

Taven was knocked out cold by Anderson, who performed a spinebuster on him. The smash that Anderson delivered caused Bennett to be ejected from the apron.

Taven was given a neckbreaker suplex by the Good Brothers in a synchronized effort; however, Bennett was able to break the hold and win the match for his team.

Both Gallows and Bennett engaged in grappling on the ground throughout their fight. Bennett ol’d Gallows while they were standing on the ring stairs.

When Anderson was getting ready to throw himself into the air, Bennett fired a blow that knocked him off the turnbuckles.

Anderson then fell to the mat. The Proton Pack were ultimately victorious in the game thanks to a goal scored by OGK.


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