Friday, October 7, 2022
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In an attempt to attract digital nomads, Malaysia has adopted a low cost of living comparable to that of other Southeast Asian countries.

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Malaysia has introduced a new digital nomad visa in an attempt to become Southeast Asia’s next major hub for remote workers.

In an attempt to position itself as the region’s next major hub for digital nomads and remote workers, Malaysia has begun accepting applications for its new digital nomad visa.

The government of DE Rantau has announced the creation of a “DE Rantau Nomad Pass” for qualifying non-residents of the country.

Government has promised to build digital nomad communities. There are now more places around the nation where people may work remotely and yet have reliable internet.

MDEC announced a new visa to boost Malaysia’s digital transformation and economy. DE Rantau serves local and global digital nomads.

One’s yearly salary must be more than €24,000 in order to be eligible for the digital nomad visa offered by Malaysia.

Those who are willing to spend the MYR 1,000 (€221) required for a visa will be eligible for discounts and other perks at Malaysia’s coworking facilities.

You are required to maintain your own digital business, either as a consultant, an independent contractor, or a full-time remote employee.

The major emphasis is on IT professionals, such as those who work in cybersecurity, software development, digital marketing, or content creation and development.


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