Friday, October 7, 2022
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InTech’s new O-V-R series of durable and dependable adventure trailers has been introduced.

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InTech’s headquarters are in Indiana. They produce RVs for off-roading, industrial, and racing trailers.

The three different versions that are offered in the O-V-R series each have their own unique set of features, as well as varying total lengths and prices.

Expedition is the most compact model in the O-V-R series and has the capacity to seat a maximum of five people.

Even though it’s the tiniest, you won’t feel cramped. The starting price of $58,380 includes the bedroom, kitchen, and living room.

There are a variety of potential modifications, some of which include a pull-out kitchen, solar panels, and an electric awning that is 14 feet in length.

O-V-R Navigate, the next grade, costs $64,400. You can see a considerable gap between it and its younger sibling.

The interior is identical, except it has an independent bedroom that can accommodate four people. You may choose comparable enhancements.

The Adventure is the priciest option and may be yours for as little as $61,880. The model is at the forefront of its field. It is less expensive than the Navigate.


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