Friday, October 7, 2022
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It’s nice to see the US restore global sanity.

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This weekend, remember who controls global money. the U.S. The US isn’t only the biggest economy and stock market.

Another reason is that when it comes to concerns of finance, the rest of the world looks to the United States as a model to follow.

The decisions and actions taken by the Federal Reserve have an effect on the policies of central banks across the world.

Global financial markets are paying close attention to what Fed Chair Jay Powell said Friday at the annual central bankers’ conference in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

It is anticipated that this year’s Jackson Hole summit would be more academic and low-key than in previous years.

Since 1982, the World Money Markets Conference has explored long-term economic and financial trends.

This conference brings together central bankers, economists, academics, and officials from the United States, among other participants.

This year wasn’t calm. We all know why everyone’s terrified. Banks must maintain economic stability.

In the 1980s, double-digit inflation was a problem, but high interest rates and a strict monetary policy brought it under control.

Even a year ago, they showed very little worry about the situation. Recent increases in inflation were deemed by the Federal Reserve to be “transitory” by the central bank.

The influx of cash into the markets caused by quantitative easing would be “tapered” down gradually rather than the interest rates being raised.

Since then, markets have been reassured, and the American stock market boom has driven up share prices globally.


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