Friday, October 7, 2022
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Massachusetts taxpayers may anticipate a 13 percent refund on their 2021 state taxes in the month of November.

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Taxpayers in Massachusetts may expect a rebate of 13% of their 2021 state taxes in the month of November.

A 1986 law gives Massachusetts residents $2.941 billion. Constitutional Chapter 62F enables tax refunds in flush years.

State Auditor Suzanne Bump authorized reimbursements for later this fall, and Governor Charlie Baker announced the limits on Friday.

Those who meet the criteria will have their refunds calculated and sent in the form of a credit. At that time, the governor had estimated that percentage to be at 7%.

The final 13% will be determined in late October after all tax forms for 2021 have been submitted, according to a notification issued by Baler’s office on Friday.

You must have lived in Massachusetts for the whole 2021 tax year and submitted a Massachusetts state income tax return by October 17th, 2022, to be eligible.

Taxpayers in that state may use a calculator made accessible by the government to get a rough idea of what they’ll get back from their money.

Withholding a portion of a tax or welfare payment has been linked by the governor’s office to a possible drop in a recipient’s credit score, prompting a public warning.


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