Friday, October 7, 2022
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Minecraft: How a Younger Generation Found Forever Game

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Current Events: Minecraft, or How a Younger Generation Found the Forever Game.

My daughter consistently responds with a different answer whenever I question her about the new features included in Minecraft version 1.19. Exuberant:

“These small creatures were added in version 1.19, and if you give them an item, they’ll go and locate more of them!” Frantic:

“The Warden is the game’s first blind boss monster. The creature has no eyes and hence cannot detect your presence.

My go-to expert on Minecraft is a little girl of nine years old, and she is a master of the game in a way that can only be achieved by a child of her age.

She sees Minecraft as a metaphor for life in general, but she also pays a lot of attention to the minute aspects that are present in the game.

Complexity doesn’t worry her, and neither should you. I’m not upset that she no longer doodles or plays with her dollhouse in the nights now that I know her better.

She just does it in Minecraft, but it’s become evident that the medium combines drawing, playing, landscape design, and creativity.

Our son, like to many other children his age, rotates between a few different video games that he loves playing at any one moment.

Minecraft is the center of the gaming world; it’s #1 despite competition. She thinks it the finest game and uses it to criticize others.


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