Friday, October 7, 2022
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More and more buses transport migrants from Texas to New York City.

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Texas has boosted the frequency of its migrant bus journeys to New York City beginning this month.

Since the beginning of the month, volunteers have noticed a huge spike in buses conveying migrants from Texas to New York City. Eight buses dump people daily in Manhattan.

Reduced from “1-2 per day, 3x/week” Six or seven people seek aid every day at the Port Authority Bus Terminal, often at night. In the Post.

Eric Adams, mayor of Manhattan, stated Thursday that seven refugee buses arrived at the bus terminal on Friday and “a few days ago,” the number was eight.

Where in Texas the Friday buses went is unknown, although at least three of them departed from El Paso, which is near Ciudad Juarez.

El Paso, Texas, has seen undocumented immigrants allowed to remain while asylum claims are processed. Immigrants may remain while their claims are examined.

El Paso and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott are transporting thousands of migrants to Democratic strongholds to protest President Joe Biden’s border policy. Texas’ governor is Abbott.


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