Saturday, August 13, 2022
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Musk’s shirtless Mykonos images “inspire fitness.”

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Musk’s shirtless images from his trip to Mykonos are an “excellent workout incentive,” according to Musk.

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This week, Elon Musk has taken the controversy over his Mykonos boat shirtless photos and turned it into an incentive to get in the gym.

Ari Emanuel and Sarah Staudinger were spotted on their yacht in Mykonos, where Page Six obtained shirtless photos of Musk.

“Musk mocked @WholeMarsBlog’s body critique.”

Musk’s sarcastic laugh soothed the social media debate after @WholeMarsBlog mocked his physique.

Even as his team prepared for a possible legal battle with Twitter over Musk’s decision to walk away from a $44 billion deal to buy the firm, he still found time to respond to the question.

The Delaware Chancery Court’s chief judge Kathaleen McCormick sided with Twitter this week by ordering an expedited trial for the company’s complaint.

Twitter is attempting to force Musk to adhere to the agreement’s original conditions through a court order.

Five days in October will test this case. Musk’s staff says he was justified in rejecting the Twitter deal because of spam bots.

Musk has publicly cast doubt on Twitter’s assertion that fewer than 5 percent of the platform’s users had fake accounts.


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