Friday, October 7, 2022
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North Korea allowed preemptive nuclear strikes to protect its existence.

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Kim Jong Un will make North Korea’s nuclear position “irreversible” and block disarmament.

Kim Jong Un has pledged that North Korea would never give up its nuclear weapons, which are needed to protect independence from the U.S.

Kim’s leadership has a statute that allows them to use nuclear weapons in a preemptive attack to safeguard the country.

This announcement is a direct reaction to the leader’s claim that the U.S. was trying to “collapse” his administration by weakening the North’s defenses.

On Friday, official media reported that Kim claimed that the new law would make North Korea’s nuclear posture “irreversible” and would bar any conversations over disarmament.

After discussions with then-President Donald Trump and other global leaders in 2018, many predict North Korea is near to conducting a nuclear test for the first time since 2017.

The “transparent, consistent, and uniform nature” of North Korea’s nuclear strategy will be guaranteed, according to a deputy at the assembly.


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