Friday, October 7, 2022
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Pilots Are Suspended By Air France Following a Dispute in Flight

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After a disagreement on board, Air France has decided to suspend several of its pilots.
As a result of an incident that occurred in-flight, two pilots from a major airline have been suspended. After a reported fight in the cockpit on a flight to Paris, the two Air France pilots were subject to disciplinary action.

It happened in June on a flight from Geneva to Paris, and it was immediately handled. According to Bloomberg, an airline representative verified that the flight had taken off as scheduled and that the pilots are currently waiting for a decision from management over their unacceptable behavior.

The pilot and copilot of an Airbus A320 reportedly got into a fight during the flight due to an argument. In June, the argument on board the plane turned physical not long after departure, as the aircraft ascended to its cruising altitude.

The two men apparently grabbed one other by the collars and possibly struck or slapped each other before the ruckus aroused the rest of the team. The cause of the altercation was not immediately known.

According to one pilot’s account, things got heated because of a “inadvertent blow.” According to the other pilot, it was a smack. One of the pilots eventually claimed the other had thrown something made of wood at his face.

Immediately as the cabin staff heard the commotion in the cockpit, they entered to quietly diffuse the situation. To keep the peace and document the event for future reference, one passenger remained in the flight deck with the pilots for the duration of the flight.

All of the passengers and crew made it to Geneva without any further mishaps.


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