Friday, October 7, 2022
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Roughly one hundred Latvians go to Russia each and every day.

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Over one hundred Latvians enter Russia every day via the three separate checkpoints that are located along the border.

According to a report that was shown on Latvian Television on September 5th, there has been a little increase in the flow ever since Russia loosened its travel restrictions in the middle of the summer.

There are three checkpoints along the border between Latvia and Russia; “Vientui” is the least busy and most isolated of the three checkpoints.

Since the beginning of the crisis, the majority of those who have crossed the border are Ukrainians and Moldovans.

However, Latvian people also travel; every day, 10 Latvians go through the “Vientui” border check post. This indicates that Latvian citizens do travel.

The bulk of the persons there, as reported by the State Border Guard, did not have citizenship in the United States.

There are people with legal rights to live and work in Latvia who have Russian citizenship as well as Latvian citizenship who are in attendance today.

The Foreign Ministry discourages doing business with Russia. Transactions and card usage may be affected.

When entering or transiting Russian territory, be aware that Russia’s secret services may provoke or operate.

Agnese Salia, who is in charge of the Consular Department under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, claims that “it might even be a false indictment or incarceration.”

Border guards from Belarus and Russia are working less lately. Inspections at the border are getting more attention.


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