Friday, October 7, 2022
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Samsung leaked consumer data in July.

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Samsung confessed a data breach exposed user sensitive information.

Samsung announced at the end of July that a “third party” penetrated several of its U.S. networks. The flaw was discovered on August 4.

Samsung claims that Social Security numbers and credit card details were not revealed, despite the data breach.

“The particulars of each individual shopper could be different. It was decided to include the following phrase in the statement: “We are alerting consumers.”

Samsung’s Chris Langlois told TechCrunch’s Edelman that the company uses demographic data for marketing and advertising.

However, he did not expand on the exact sorts of data that are included in this category of data. According to Langlois,

When consumers register their devices, they provide the date of purchase, the model, and the device ID.

Langlois didn’t say how many accounts were hacked or why it took Samsung more than a month to inform customers.

The company installed network measures and hired an unnamed cybersecurity firm. Samsung aids the police investigation.


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