Friday, October 7, 2022
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Teen slain in Philadelphia’s Frankford neighborhood; victim was with a friend and dog.

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Authorities said the teens established eye contact with the car’s occupants but had no communication.

The young man who was murdered by gunfire while walking his dog in the Frankford section of Philadelphia has been positively identified by the police.

The young lady who is the focus of this investigation has been referred to as Teryn Johnson, and her name has been presented as such.

This took place on Sunday evening about 8:00 o’clock local time and was in the general vicinity of the 5300 block of Horrocks Street.

According to reports, Johnson was accompanied by another teenage girl and a little dog as they traveled to the 7-Eleven located at the intersection of Bridge and Large streets.

The group of youngsters had just done shopping and were headed home when they saw a gray Dodge Challenger.

The officials claim that the children did make eye contact with the men who were riding in the vehicle at one point, but that there was no exchange of words between them.

After having a conversation with the authorities, the adolescents apparently became aware of the car that was following them.

The suspect reportedly shot Johnson at least six times when police arrived in the 5300 block of Horrocks Street. Johnson was shot, authorities said.

The lady required rapid transport to Temple University Hospital, but she died. The second teen wasn’t hurt.

The children are being questioned by the authorities to determine whether or not they know the people who committed the crime.


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