Friday, October 7, 2022
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The $491 billion asset management firm KKR has tokenized its healthcare fund on the Avalanche blockchain.

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To get access to the Securitize protocol fund, an investor must provide a passport, personal and tax information, and pass a “liveness check.”

Securitize Capital plans to tokenize KKR’s Health Care Strategic Growth Fund II using the Avalanche blockchain (HCSG II). KKR oversees $491 billion.

KKR announced the tokenization of HCSG II on Tuesday, and Securitize Capital Head Wilfred Daye called it a “major milestone” for individual access to private equity markets.

Using this tokenization, investors have the opportunity to acquire a fractional ownership in a healthcare fund with a total asset value of $4 billion.

The fund is distributed over 23 companies in North America and Europe that specialize in medicines, medical devices, and life sciences.

Investors who wish to participate in the HCSG II Fund through the Securitize protocol must submit a passport scan, personal and tax information,

And a “liveness check” before their applications may be approved. Investors must additionally pay a 0.50% management fee.

On-chain tokenization of real-world assets will decrease investment minimums, simplify digital investor onboarding and compliance, and increase liquidity, argues KKR.

All of these benefits will be possible thanks to “increased possibility for liquidity via a regulated alternative trading system.”

The Blockchain Research Hub of Raiffeisen Bank International forecasted that the majority of securities will be tokenized by the year 2030.

Meanwhile, BCG estimated that $16.1 trillion in illiquid assets would be tokenized by that year. Both of these predictions were made in 2018.


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