Friday, October 7, 2022
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The public schools in Daviess County may compensate bus drivers.

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Daviess County Public Schools has devised three incentives for existing and prospective bus drivers.

Grady Cooper, who serves as the Director of Transportation for the District of Columbia Public Schools (DCPS), has said that

“We do not have enough bus drivers, which therefore implies that we are unable to get the students to school on time.”

The very first benefit is a reward for just doing the work at hand. This is the very first advantage.

After six weeks, new drivers who have completed training, signed a contract, and satisfied other prerequisites will get $500. Pro rata for new drivers.

Second, existing DCPS drivers who continue to work for the agency may be eligible for a retention bonus if the agency chooses to keep them on staff.

Scholarship candidates must not have been expelled, suspended, or otherwise penalised at any of their schools.

Each student may receive $1,200 in incentives, which are distributed as follows: $300 each nine-week academic quarter.

A referral bonus is the last incentive that DCPS may provide to its employees.Any employee of the DCPS is eligible to participate in the award program.

If the employee is successful in proposing a bus driver for the school district, they will get a reward in the amount of $250 from the school district.


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