Friday, October 7, 2022
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The Ukrainian administration needs international help to retake the south.

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Mark Ayres, a member of the southern Ukraine counteroffensive, fired over 2,000 rounds on day one of the offensive.

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“We battled really hard and took the Russian positions we wanted,” said Ayres, 48. “Violent combat, plenty of fire”

On the second day of the counteroffensive, Ayres and four other members of his unit were injured by shrapnel to the legs. Ayres was one of the five people who received injuries.

Despite losing personnel on the frontlines, he said, the Ukrainian army is making progress on the battlefield.

Ayres argues that the battle would be difficult and slow because “we haven’t got the resources to perform a massive blitzkrieg, with masses of artillery and armor.”

“Meter by meter, position by position” will be the battle strategy. We must apply a method to reduce deaths.

British Ministry of Statecraft experts believe the Ukrainians’ “tactical surprise” in taking a few communities in Kherson was right.

London native Ayres has battled US ex-Marine Michael Zafer Ronin. Ronin was hit by shrapnel in the head, stomach, and hand a week ago.

The two first met while fighting Kurdish forces in Syria. They’re being treated in Odessa, Ukraine, on the disputed southern Black Sea coast.


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