Friday, October 7, 2022
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The White House is analyzing contingency measures for the expected train delay.

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Union and railroad leaders are on route to Washington, DC as the White House hastily examines contingency measures in light of the impending train shutdown.

Officials from both unions as well as a spokeswoman for the Department of Labor have confirmed that union and railroad leaders will travel to Washington,DC

Wednesday, Marty Walsh visited Washington, DC. No progress has been achieved, and a freight train strike is possible.

The situation is still forming, but the heads of two of the main unions with rail issues are likely to participate.

These unions are the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen and the SMART Transportation Division.

According to a government release, Secretary Walsh will welcome unions and train companies tomorrow morning at the Department of Labor in Washington, DC.

The meeting aims to maintain the administration’s “continual involvement” and “hands-on efforts” to encourage the parties to reach a mutually beneficial deal.

Wednesday, a high-stakes gathering will try to prevent a strike that might hurt the economy. Walsh will lead the gathering.

As a probable rail shutdown nears, the White House and federal agencies consider backup plans and how to use government power to maintain supply chains. Train halt is imminent.


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