Friday, October 7, 2022
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This algorithmic money market mechanism may make bitcoin lending, borrowing, and interest cheaper.

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Users may find that lending, borrowing, and earning interest on their cryptocurrency is more efficient and less expensive with this algorithmic money market system.

On the Binance Smart Chain, the Venus platform was established to serve as a lending and borrowing marketplace.

It’s a speedier and cheaper alternative to Compound and Maker. It aims to produce “simple and strong community-driven financing”

These new features will provide users greater opportunities to generate money and participate in decentralized financial marketplaces.

Staking incentives will be awarded to any user who makes a purchase of XVS and then stakes it in the Venus Protocol XVS vault.

The annual percentage rate (APR) for the XVS vault is changed to a new daily emission speed once every three months.

This adjustment depends on the quantity of XVS Tokens purchased back from the market and given to stakers, as well as protocol revenue from the previous quarter.

As an example, the most recent XVS vault rewards distribution is at this time offering members an annual percentage rate that is close to 25%.

Votes may be cast using the Venus Protocol Governance Token, often known as XVS. These votes can be cast on potential modifications to the DAO’s internal regulations.

Borrowers have the option of securing their loans with any of the digital assets, stablecoins, or cryptocurrencies that are recognized as acceptable forms of collateral.

Maximum loan amount relies on asset risk assessments and collateral (often between 40 and 80 percent). The platform may provide unsecured loans soon.

Venus Protocol’s lack of credit checks and lightning-fast loan creation allow borrowers to acquire money quickly, the business says.

Borrowers are not required to make monthly payments and may apply any increase in collateral value toward the loan’s balance.


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