Friday, October 7, 2022
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This ITV Corrie beauty will represent England at Manchester Pride.

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Kimberly Hart-Simpson glowed in her Three Lions outfit.

Kimberly Hart-Simpson, from Coronation Street, donned a bikini with England’s insignia to Manchester Pride.

At the fair, Kimberly struck a pose for the photographer while donning a shirt emblazoned with the Three Lions insignia.

She wore a bikini top with British Heart Foundation tracksuit trousers and white sneakers for an athletic appearance.

This was her take on a sporty look. The blonde actress who plays soap star Nicky Wheatley pulled her hair back into a sleek plait and slicked it back behind her ears.

Before making her debut on Celebrities Go Dating in 2021, Kimberly came clean about the fact that she is pansexual.

This indicates that she is free to pursue any sexual orientation she chooses, regardless of the biological sex, gender, or gender identity she possesses.

Someone who is attracted to persons of all genders and orientations is omnisexual. Omnisexual describes this person.

Shane Finlayson, who was formerly Kimberly’s boyfriend, met her for the first time via the program Celebs Go Dating.

Kimberly ended their relationship after it had lasted for six months, citing the challenges of keeping things going owing to distance and the rules of Covid-19.


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