Friday, October 7, 2022
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Thousands of US Labor Day flights were canceled or delayed.

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Labor Day weekend domestic flights are delayed.

In the days leading up to Labor Day, major airlines in the United States were forced to cancel hundreds of flights.

Over 3,600 domestic and international flights were delayed or canceled on Saturday, according to FlightAware. Local and international flights were disrupted.

During the course of the weekend, it is possible that there may be more alterations to the program, as well as cancellations of some events.

On Sunday morning, there were around 300 domestic and foreign flights that were either delayed or canceled.

Due to these delays, which occur at an inconvenient time, 32% of Americans will travel over Labor Day.

The next Labor Day weekend will be the busiest in three years, and it will be getting close to the levels seen before the pandemic began.

The DOT said Thursday it has established an airline customer service dashboard, resulting in “substantial improvements” from nine of the ten big U.S. airlines.


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