Friday, October 7, 2022
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Tragically found days after Christmas.

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The Kanes’ Whitehaven apartment was searched.

A lady and her 14-month-old boy were discovered dead in their Whitehaven apartment five days before Christmas.

First responders visiting Harry Kane’s home in late December were “visibly startled” by the news. Harry and Natalie Kane were discovered together.

In today’s (September 6) inquest, it was determined that 1-year-old Harry died of dehydration after being abandoned by his drug-using mother Natalie.

Natalie, who had battled addiction, had a urine test the week before she died that showed she had just methadone in her system.

Despite her addiction, she succeeded. On Christmas Eve, she inhaled lighter fluid, which had disastrous results.

Natalie was a student at Maryport Primary School before enrolling in the Sea Cadets. She was born in the county of Cumbria.

Before being released from the army due to alcoholism-related issues, she was a model for Littlewoods, joined the army, and drove a heavy-duty vehicle (HGV).

After a lifetime of violence from her partner and drug addiction, Natalie sought help through Recovery Steps Cumbria and Women Out West. Her boyfriend was abusive.

A friend stated she was avoiding Nathan Ryan, her ex-boyfriend and Harry’s father, to prevent difficult circumstances in the future. Son Harry.


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