Friday, October 7, 2022
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Two earthquakes of 4.4 and 3.9 magnitudes damaged the San Francisco Bay Area.

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A magnitude 4.4 earthquake rocked Bill’s Market on Hopper Street in Santa Rosa, California, on September 13, 2022.

A magnitude 4.4 earthquake and an aftershock measuring 4.3 (upgraded from 3.9) struck the Bay Area on Tuesday night, moments apart from one another.

The tremors damaged walls, water lines, and nerves. Both quakes hit Santa Rosa at 6:39 and 6:40 p.m.

Santa Rosa’s fire marshal responded to complaints of blocked elevators at senior housing complexes and Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital.

He had no way of knowing whether or not there were anyone within the building who need immediate assistance at this moment.

It was reported that gas lines and water pipes had been destroyed, therefore firefighters were sent all throughout the central area of Santa Rosa to investigate.

A glass was shattered and merchandise were knocked off shelves at a store that was located in close proximity to the epicenter when the earthquake struck.

According to Lowenthal, who lives in a community that was rebuilt in the wake of the fires that occurred in 2017,

He was in the kitchen making dinner when the earthquake hit. There was damage to the lighting fixtures, and the wall decorations were knocked down.

The earthquake struck Mendocino County in the north and Santa Clara County in the south, according to the USGS.

Warnings were sent to the general public by the ShakeAlert early warning system just a few seconds before the first earthquake struck.


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