Friday, October 7, 2022
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Ukrainians and Belarusians caught smuggling migrants.

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The State Border Guard announced on September 5 that a Belarusian and a Ukrainian were detained in Krslava for transporting illegal immigrants.

On Sunday, the border patrol made an effort to pull over a Volkswagen Touareg around three kilometers from the state boundary in the hamlet of Neikni.

State Police helped throughout the incident. The driver disregarded the rules and raced away from the accident scene.

Following a high-speed pursuit that he led with another automobile, the driver finally lost control of his vehicle and was involved in a collision with another vehicles.

A Belarusian born in 1996 and a Ukrainian born in 2000 both said they planned to transport border-crossers to Europe.

The Belarusian was born in 1996, and the Ukrainian was born in 2000. These two people may both claim Belarus as their birthplace.

Everyone who was being held in a jail in Latvia lacked the legal documentation that would have allowed them to be in that country.


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