Friday, October 7, 2022
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United Airlines and Emirates, an old competitor, have partnered to provide service to Dubai.

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In accordance with a new “codeshare” agreement, the two airlines have agreed to sell tickets on each other’s flights.

United Airlines and Emirates, two airlines who were formerly fierce competitors, have just made the decision to sell tickets on one other’s flights.

United will launch flights from Newark Liberty International Airport to Dubai, Emirates’ home base, in March 2019.

It is the latest sign of warming relations between U.S. and Gulf airlines, particularly as international air travel recovers from the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic,

Which lasted for more than two years. The CEOs announced the codeshare agreement on Wednesday, which will allow both airlines access to each other’s destinations.

Tim Clark, president of Emirates, expects the partnership with United will become a joint venture like the one between Emirates and Qantas.

Clark said he saw no reason why the cooperation with United wouldn’t be effective during a press conference at Dulles International Airport outside Washington, DC.

Customers of both airlines will be able to accumulate and redeem frequent flyer points in the event that the government provides its approval to the proposed alliance.

United, Delta, and American opposed the development of Persian Gulf airlines in the U.S. for years, alleging the state-owned carriers competed unfairly with government subsidies.

United was joined in this effort by other major U.S. carriers, including American Airlines and Delta Air Lines.

Emirates announced the week before last that beginning on October 30th, it would no longer be sharing flight numbers with United rival JetBlue.

In the meanwhile, Etihad, which has its headquarters in Abu Dhabi, announced that it will expand its partnership with JetBlue, which has its headquarters in New York.


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